Just wondering why chrome is displaying over DDG for C

Just wondering why its displaying in DDG ? Wasnt like this before also it started usinig Chrome to secure and fireproofed sites for DDG. Maybe this is the last update of chrome or DDG or not quite sure.
Settings seem fine all the same in Android System,Chrome browser & google Acc.
[Using pixel4 11 R 01/10/21 Oct secruity update[01/08/21 for playstore]
Thats Aus as well probs something simple.
Added thing i disabled Assistant was good then since the 01/0/21 its settings are the same but i get a notif when using BT headphones,Assistant is available in the background ?? Cant get it off all settings are good as far as i know so checked to see i use it and doesnt respond either Me no likely !!Screenshot_20211014-140133.jpg
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