Keep Flip³-ing or not?

Okay, so before I know it it’ll be time to keep the Flip³ or return it for something else. There’s no don’t that it’s a cool phone and I have 3 other phones so despite it’s compromises I can live with it. My iPhone 12 Mini is my "questionable environment" phone. It’s small, powerful, good cameras, and dust/water resistant. It’s my window into the iOS ecosystem which makes it great…and… boring. So, I only use it when I need to.

My only issues with the Flip³ are the lack of dust resistance and the, in my case, kinda poor battery life. I wonder if I’m just being spoiled. I think, well, the Flip³ is neat and it’s light weight. It’s party trick is that it can fold and be smaller. I just wonder how much that really means. Is that enough reason to keep it or would I be happier with an S21(+) or spend a little more and get an S21 Ultra. I have 2 Fold³s and I love them. I know I can use my iPhone 12 Mini for the sky diving, snorkelling, biking, running, etc. … but would I be happier with having an Android phone that could be with me for those things?

Every time I use my Fold³s I feel excited. With time that will likely pass and they’ll just be my Folds. Heck, I may even regret getting 2 of them but, right now? I love them. A lot. A whole lot. I thought I’d feel the same about the Flip³ so I got one. If I didn’t have it I would miss is but the battery life. Having to unfold it to use it? It’s not hard to unfold. Sometimes it’s fun to unfold. Sometimes. Even if I put it in it’s sunglass micro fiber bag so I can put it my bike’s under seat bag for a typical 50 mile ride I pull it out, open it up and find the battery has drained… a lot. But, but… it will likely last me until I can charge it, so am I just being spoiled or paronoid? Is the fold-ability overrated and I should get something that fits my lifestyle better?

I mean, I have 4 phones yet none of them have great battery life? Maybe I should think about that?

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