Latercase – S21 Ultra – Love it :)

This is not a promotional post. I purchased Latercase with my hard earned money 🙂
This is one of the thinnest case i have seen that can provide decent protection. Obviously, by the looks of it, one can say it will not provide as much protection as an OtterBox Defender type case would. For those who want to enjoy their S21 Ultra without adding any bulk to it, i guess this is the one to go for.

The build quality is great, and the rubbery finish on it gives a good grip with a nice feel in the hands. There is small raise on the four corners at the display, so you can keep your phone on a flat surface with its back on the top.

The cyber edition covers the camera lenses (unlike Pitaka) and is a good protection.
There are similar looking cases available on Ali Express, but not sure if they are made of Kevlar. Also, with my experience i have compared the MNML case for Pixel 5 with similar from Ali Express. The ones from Ali Express were not precision cut. Latercase, for sure is 100% precision cut, giving the camera module a good look.

I recommend this case (again don’t expect a OtterBox type of protection).Attachment 332175Attachment 332174Attachment 332176Attachment 332177Attachment 33217820210223_151703.jpg20210223_153818.jpg20210223_151813.jpg20210223_151625.jpg

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