Latest 10.1 Camera only using Aspect Ratio not resolution

Picked up an As New Pre-owned M20Pro yesterday for £200.. its a fantastic phone, really happy with the condition and battery is still charging and lasting well..,

…but after upgrading my M20Pro to the latest 10.1.. Ive noticed that Huawei have replaced the camera UI, resolutions and pixel binning with just aspect ratios… After doing some research, it appears this has been done to all Huawei devices from the NOva 5T to the P30 and 40 Pro.. and while Huawei have given explanations on this in their forums,, all I can find in the 20pro is the 40mpx Hi Res in Pro mode.. not the 24/40/48mpx settings Huawei say..

So how does it work on the M20P.. can someone please briefly explain and any tips anyone has for using this would be great..

Thanks all 🙂

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