Latest Nova 7 Update: broke all my app badges/notification counters (TeslaUnread)

So I understand TeslaUnread is no longer allowed. I updated to the latest Nova7 Launcher and it no longer allows you to use TeslaUnread at all. SO, the issue is: when a text comes in, a notification appears in my Notification Panel at the top. Which is great. A (1) appears over my Google Messages icon. Which is great.

However if I open Messages, or swipe clear the notification… the (1) disappears and I have ABSOLUTELY NO WAY OF KNOWING I HAVE AN UNREAD TEXT. Same goes for WhatsApp, FB Messenger, my work email program, etc etc…

A possible workaround might be, the Voicemail Notification is "sticky". It never clears until I dial my voicemail. How does it do that?? Can I make my text, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, etc notifications "sticky" like that? If you try to swipe to clear them, they don’t clear.

Thoughts on how to fix? I know this is not unique to my handset. All my previous Samsung Galaxy phones did the same stupid thing.

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