Lenovo Tab 7 Essential

I have owned the Lenovo Tab 7 Essential for almost 4 years (made in 2017) and I’ve wanted to factory reset it because it was slow and the battery was being drained so fast. About a percent every 2-3 mins. However, I deleted stuff taking up storage first and I had used up half of the storage left still which was a little strange maybe. I understand other apps that take up storage but not half the storage. Probably cached data

In addition I go into my apps and find a Yandex browser and another Yandex app installed without my knowledge and I later find out that it is a hidden app. It doesn’t show up on my menu. So when I factory reset it I noticed that the Yandex apps are gone. I do some research about the Yandex apps and find that it is the "Russian Google" company of Russia. Now, I do not own any of the latest models of the Lenovo devices, only the Tab 7 Essential but has the Lenovo company been pre-installing these apps in their latest models? I have contacted Yandex support and they claim that "the app’s are not installed without users’ knowledge. However there is one way to install this without user knowledge – the device manufacturer can pre-install applications". They directed me to contact you for more information. I have been trying to look up more info of the tablet on this website but apparently it’s out of stock and it’s old so I can’t look up much info about it. I saw people with similar experiences to mine but not much answers.

I tried contacting Lenovo Support but it’s so difficult because they don’t have an email or a specific number to call. Can someone help me out?

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