LG G7-Why no audio to earphones, only to speaker?


So the audio on my LG G7 stopping working all of a sudden. Whenever I play videos on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram videos etc…nothing comes through my earphones (which is plugged in lol), but the audio comes out of the speaker.

I tried the earphones on my partner’s phone and there’s no issues there. They downloaded an app (lesser audioswitch) where I had to manually switch the output to ‘headset only’, and I was able to have sounds in my earphones. So I don’t think it’s an issue with the Jack (which I cleaned thoroughly).

I was still able to hear and reply to call (without the app) and I was able to use the mic that came with the earphones, but today, I couldn’t respond to my calls whether by mic, or even when I took out the earphones. I’ve tried other earphones and it seems be the same no matter what.

It seems like whatever to toggle between earphones and speaker seems to not working. Does anyone know of a fix for that?

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