LG V40 ThinQ – not working all the time since move from ARkansas to Texas

We moved our son from NWArkansas (Springdale) to Addison, TX a couple of weekends ago.
Ever since then his LG V40 ThinQ has not been working very well. He can text, use data, but receiving or making phone calls is a problem. Inside his apartment calling (receiving or making) does not work. He has to step outside for it work, sometimes.
We have called AT&T, chatted online, with I do not how many reps, but no matter what, nothing seems to solve the problem.
He had absolutely no problems when in Arkansas! When he was back for Christmas phone seemed to be working correctly….
It is an unlocked phone, purchased at Best Buy in Norman, OK.
Also no problem at all using phone in OK!

Any ideas??

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