Lg v60 thin q dual sceen defective inner screen crack.

I have not found a decent screen protector for the inside of the dual screen on the LG v60 I leave the dual-screen side in my house and take the LG v60 think you with me and its own case I was at home I had the phone put in the LG dual case I was reading a book it was sitting on my desk and I heard a funny noise no one’s touching the phone or the dual screen and suddenly hear a noise and look at the bottom left part of my dual screen on the inside and it’s got a hairline crack the defect. There is no protection as well for the dual screen outside glass or back glass only my inside dual screen has 1 hair line crack on bottom left corner. Lg is aware but are asking me to send the dual screen case only into them and if they determine it’s a defect they will replace it for free. If not I can not get aresponse on what the cost would be to replace the inside part of the dual screen and send it back to me if anyone have anything similar happen or spoken with anyone that is familiar with this.

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