Link to Windows not working fully

Am trying to set up Link to Windows/Your Phone (on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra) to connect to Windows 10 Pro PC. Have run setup process and Your Phone is paired with the phone. Notifications, Messages, Photos and Calls using Your Phone all work but running Apps fails (although it did work briefly). "All Apps" section in Your Phone is populated with all the phone apps but when I try and run one, Your Phone attempts to load the app but then errors with the message "Connect to same Wi-Fi". The PC and phone are on the same network. I tried switching the PC from cable connection to router to Wi-Fi just to check that wasn’t the problem but no change. Your Phone must have connected to the phone at some time in order to get a list of the phone’s apps but cannot resolve the issue. Have tried deleting and re-establishing connection but no change. Any ideas?


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