Location reservations?

When I got my first Samsung device and heard about their service Find My Mobile I was very excited. The feature where you can remotely unlock the device was especially exciting, even though I’m not the type to forget my log-in information or loose my device, but it’s there if ever it would be needed. Honestly I think Samsung is hurting users by not having the service auto enabled. That’s based on the number of times I’ve seen users here at AC looking for ways to unlock or locate their device.

For a while now I’ve been getting prompts to enable off-line services. That offers the ability to find your device even if it is turned off or location is disabled. I’m not even sure how that would work but I’m hesitant to say just find me anywhere, any time, no matter what. So for months now I’ve been dismissing their notifications about this and finally got them to stop on my old device. Now they’ve started again with this new device which is cool because I know they will eventually stop if ignored long enough.

Where they’re trying to get me now is by including a free Samsung Smart Tag with my order. Similar to Tile the tag says it will help you find things you attach it to, but in order for it to work you have to agree to and enable the find my device off-line option. Really, that’s the only way it works? Evidently. I think you can use the tag for other things, like turning on and off things in your Smart Things app and controlling Bixby routines but you can’t do the basic thing of finding the tag without this permission.

So how many have agreed to this?

How many of you haven’t?

Any thoughts or feelings about the level of privacy lost by agreeing to the off-line "service"?

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