Lock pattern unrecognized bug?

Samsung A21 keeps saying that I’m using the wrong pattern.

Steps taken to try and resolve:

Samsung account, find my mobile or whatever it’s called. I was able to log in and see the location of the phone but when I tried to unlock, it said that remote unlock was not turned on, on the phone.

Google account: Said "notification sent" and that was it, nothing more.

Last thing I want but would do is a factory reset. Problem is, it asks for the pattern to shut down the phone.

Was going to pull the battery to shut it down, but the back is glued on and I don’t want to damage the case even slightly. It’s my mothers phone. If it was mine, I’d take the chance.

I’m at a freaking loss and can’t believe this bug exists to this day.

Edit: I’ve set it to the download mode screen (the screen stays on and will drain the battery) and will let the battery die. I think, once dead, I should be able to plug in and quickly hold the buttons and get into recovery mode and reset it. Yes no maybe?

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