Looking for a tablet for light daily use (Youtube/ Instagram), with native google services

Hello everyone. I had a huawei tablet from 2018 up until last spring, when I got an updated model because I wanted to use wireless earbuds on it. Turns out I didn’t do enough research because new tablets from huawei don’t have google services on them (totally bricking them for me).

I managed to install google services with some youtuber’s help but that lasted 6 months. I never want to have to resort to that again, so I’m looking for a new android tablet. Things I want from it:

It has to have google services

It has to support wireless earbuds

It has to have instagram

About 8" size is fine, a little bigger is not a deal breaker, but not necessary

Not a google device. I bought their very first nexus 7 tablet in 2013 and it became so slow just a year later that it was unusable.

I’m only going to use it lightly on a daily basis, watching youtube while working out and the occasional instagram browsing. I want something that will remain fast for at least a couple of years if not more.

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