Looking for dual sim android phone

Aloha. I"m getting tired of my Pixel4 and am looking for a new Android based phone. Just a few basic requirements

  1. Dual SIM (can be a regular SIM plus an eSIM)
  2. Ability to set separate ringtone for each SIM
  3. Ability to set separate notification tone for texts on each SIM
  4. Regular (multi-times per year) security software updates
  5. US Warranty (bought a dual line phone with no US warranty, it died after 1 month. I’m out $700
  6. Compatible with AT&T

I really like that the Pixel gets regular updates, but the inability to set separate ringtones and notification sounds is aggravating. Also, the battery dies too quickly.

I’ve read a few "best dual sim phones" reviews, but none of them mention the separate ringtones or regular maintenance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Harry Z

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