Loud vibration once daily

For about the last few weeks, my phone has been vibrating very loudly at 7 am almost every day and i can’t figure out why. It’s a louder and longer vibration than normal. My phone is on do not disturb at that time and I’m not getting any notifications at exactly 7am either.

My husband started complaining about it weeks ago, but I guess I was able to sleep through it and told him it was his phone. But as of the last week, I’m waking everyday with the vibration and it’s very clearly my phone .

I have the app Cisco Jabber for work, which generally always shows the notification at the top (even if there’s no missed calls/voicemails). Two nights ago, I turned off notifications for that app and didn’t get a vibration yesterday morning. BUT THEN I GOT IT TODAY!

HELP! why is it vibrating every day when on Do not Disturb?!

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