LTE 46mm Classic arrived today…. Unable to activate

Anyone else have this issue with Verizon activation?

Watch4 LTE Classic 46mm delivered today, Powered up and began the process. When we get to connect to provider I get an error message on the phones Galaxy Wearable app.
Unable to complete: please restart app and try again.

Contacted Samsung, they say its all good and should connect no problem to VZW
Contacted VZW they of course say its Samsung!
Round and round we go……..

Then I go back to Samsung, talk to higher level support, he says simply oh we will need to replace your watch let me transfer you to ecommerce folks. Music hold for 20 mins!! UGH.

Samsung is now telling me that I need to initiate a return AND then reorder.

Guess what’s not available on their website now, yup the 46mm LTE Classic.

very frustrating experience.

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