Magnification 2 finger swipe up or triple tap

Does anyone else find 2 finger swipe up from bottom to magnify cumbersome which I find ‘hit and miss" vs. the old reliable "triple tap" anywhere on the screen?

Yes my 4a 5G has a case and screen protector as I do on all my phones but I find 2 finger swiping up makes the entire screen minimize as if I were trying to close and/or sliding over to the right to open another minimized app.

Is there any way to get back triple tap or does anyone know of a reliable magnification app?

Screen sensitivity set at default or increased (to help if screen protector is being used ) makes no difference when trying to 2 finger swipe up magnification.

For me it’s roughly 85/15 missing and making the entire screen minimize.

This swiping up with 2 fingers I find is annoying .

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