Microphone not working during WhatsApp and Zoom calls.

I just noticed this yesterday.

If I do a normal voice call, my microphone works.

If I try joining a WhatsApp or Zoom call, my microphone doesn’t seem to work. When I join a Zoom call, for example, the microphone symbol doesn’t seem to fluctuate when I talk. Normally the microphone symbol in Zoom fills with a green color, the greater the input sound received.

I checked my permissions for both apps. They seem fine.

I tried restarting my phone.

I tried clearing cache on WhatsApp.

Zoom was a fresh install today.

I can record a WhatsApp voice message.

Actually, I can’t do that anymore. I recorded a WhatsApp voice message yesterday. After that, it seems like my problems started.

I can’t go to the SMS app and do voice-to-text anymore. When I try talking, it doesn’t detect anything.

I can’t go to the voice recorder app and record anything anymore. It doesn’t detect anything.

For WhatsApp, yesterday, the other party couldn’t hear me. We tried quitting and starting a new call many times.

Regular voice calls still seem to work, though.

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