Mid range price to replace my Galaxy S8

I dropped my beautiful s8 and left me with a crack on each side and about 2 inch white block covering the keyboard.

A local shop says it would costs 200$ to replace the screen. I thought about just having it replaced. But then the water barrier seal wouldnot be the same seal and samusung no longer supports this phone. As beautiful of a phone I have to move on. I got this at a whooper of a deal 3 years ago off walmart website from walmart for 125$. They messed up on my entire purchase with minutes and description. So they just let me have it at a discount. It was a straight talk phone and have the service. Its worked so well until i dropped it 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, I am getting sticker shock for quailty like phones. I dont want to spend over 300$ i will have to purchase a case and screen shield which I am religious about keeping my phone protected. So this will put me over the 300$

Any suggestions from any of you? Im not sure I want a refurbished but may consider it. I just dont know who to trust.

And is there a place to sell my broken phone for a few bucks. Someone that has the tools and know how can make a few bucks as well. Its been in a case with screen protection since I bought it.

My main question is midrange phone with decent macro and not over saturated pictures. My s8 has food, slow mo, pro, photo, and more.

I use it all the time for taking pictures of my oil paintings and uploading for sale. So i need good quality not over saturated camera.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

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