Missing gallery albums when backing up with USB drive

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+
When I plug my hard drive into laptop to backup the gallery, many of the folders/albums I created do not appear. I have 50 plus for easy access. 11 of them didn’t show up at all and only 13 of them show up in the DCIM section including the Camera and Screenshots. I don’t recall this happening before. My only thought is making a new folder/album for all those missing and moving the photos to them. If that doesn’t work, moving them into one that IS showing up.

Anyone else have this problem? Any other ideas or suggestions? I have Google and Amazon backup currently but want to get ALL folders/albums to copy from my phone to laptop and hard drive by USB. Sure wish Samsung wasn’t getting rid of the cloud storage! I tested OneDrive but it doesn’t copy over the albums. Just an endless scrolling of all photos and not what I want.


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