Missing “Trusted Voice” option in Smart Lock

Hi All,

My apologies for posting here but I couldn’t find S21 forum and this was the closest….

I recently upgraded my phone from Galaxy S9+ (Android 10) to Galaxy S21 (Android 11) and noticed a difference in the functionality of Smart Lock.

Previously I could unlock my phone with "OK Google" by turning the "Trusted Voice" option on in Lock Screen > Smart Lock.

The new Galaxy S21 (or Android 11) is missing the "Trusted Voice" option and when I try to make a call for example, using the OK Google while the phone is locked, I get a vocal message from google assistant saying: "Sure but first you need to unlock the phone".

I used PIN and Fingerprint as credential to unlock the phone in both the Galaxy S9+ and the Galaxy S21

I was wondering if anyone else noticed that and if there is a fix or a workaround?



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