MMS Text Backup on Note 20 Ultra+ with Google One

I saw the article that Google updated the backup option to include MMS. I also have Google One.

I was wondering if anyone had backed up and then restored a large amount by size (say a few GB) of text messages with images using the new Google One MMS backup? I utilize the stock Samsung app on my Note 20 Ultra+ so they should be in MMS form vs. RCS. Also I am on Verizon which AFAIK has not implemented RCS.

I currently backup with SMS backup and then when I get a new phone, I use Samsung Smartswitch to move my messages to the new phone. It is fast and works…..

I looked and the Messages/MMS option is not turned on in my backup/Google One settings.

I have the storage space to use on Google One, I just wonder if it is really meant to and will it work backup up a large number and volume of texts. And when I get a new phone, will I be better off having Google restore my messages or using Smartswitch like I have for years.

I have backed up my photos saved on an microSD card using Google Photos for quite a while and I was happy to see when I moved to the Note 20 Ultra+ when it came out Google photo backup was smart enough to not duplicate the backup even though it was a new phone. So it didn’t try to restore the photos that were already there (even though the phone and the memory card were both new).

I wonder what Google restore for messages would do on a new phone? Would it "see" that I already moved them via smartswitch or would I have to rely on Google One to restore them once I turn it on?

I did determine you can only access the backup after a phone reset or on a new phone.


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