Mobile data active, but no connection.

I have a 6-month Galaxy A41.

The phone software updated yesterday and since then, I don’t have any internet connection whenever I use mobile data (either on Chrome, Playstore or anywhere – nothing works). Network is Vodafone.

I tried:

– Rebooting the phone.
– Removing the SIM card and trying another slot (phone has 2 SIM slots).
– Resetting Network settings.
– Reconfiguring Network settings (both manually and automatic detection).
– Reconfiguring APN settings.
– Lastly – both soft and hard-resetting the phone.

None of these fixes the issue.

I tried the SIM card on my back-up phone (LG G7) and it immediately works there – which means it’s phone-related and not a SIM-card issue.

Any tips? My Galaxy A41 is almost unusable because of this and I am quite desperate.

Thank you.

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