Moto Edge Screen Disaster

Moto Edge+
I’ve had my Edge for a little over 3 weeks. truly loved this phone. It’s a worthy upgrade – so I thought – to my 3-year-old Moto X4 until 2 days ago when a gray blotch appeared on the right side after about 40 minutes of use. Like lava it quickly spread. Turning the phone off made it go away but as soon as I use it for 20 minutes or more it comes back. And it’s gotten worse. A LOT worse. The left side is going bad too. The whole screen has a greenish tint and I can also see ghosts of text on any white screen.

I’m so disappointed. I’ve been a Moto fan since the Atrix but I’m not gonna lie – the love affair is over. I’ve requested a replacement, but I really don’t trust that Motorola knows what’s wrong judging from the many folks on their forum who have had the same problem with replacements.

It’s such a shame since for the price I paid (got it when it was $200 off) I was so pleased with this phone. Now I find myself with a phone that has an unusable display. Fortunately my trusty X4 still works.

So if anyone is remotely considering the Edge or Edge+ I’d seriously recommend against it for now.


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