Moto G6 fine with VoLTE on ATT, even tho it’s not on their Feb 2022 whitelist?!?

So the games continue with ATT and their mysteriously small "list" of "approved" phones that will continue working after February 2022.

The list is meaningless guys, they are playing with people’s fears trying to get them to purchase new ATT phones. My wife’s unlocked Moto G6 wasn’t on the list… but still works perfectly with VoLTE/VVM/RCS etc even though it wasn’t supposed to, and we were supposed to get a message confirming that. I’m guessing my unlocked Moto Z3 play will also be fine, considering that it’s also not on the list but the older Moto Z2 Force (which I believe was an ATT branded device) is.

Overall I’ve liked ATT (I liked them better before Cingular bought them out), but the crappy lies/games they play with consumers is very irritating 😡

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