Moto Z2 Force replacement

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I presently have a Motorola Z2 Force. It does most everything that I need, BUT the battery is failing. It likes to shut off for no apparent reason. I have the Moto Mod aux battery and it will even shut off at times with this connected.

It looks like the battery can be replaced for a modest fee, but I’m thinking maybe replace it. Primary use is phone. Secondary is camera, next being email and web surfing. No games just a working man’s phone. While I prefer a DSLR for pictures the phone is just so handy that it’s become my go to. Google Pixel is intriguing, but many complaints about poor reception. Looking at the Moto G power or Moto G Stylus. Stylus would be handy to have for making notes. Stylus has better camera, but on the main camera I’d lose the ultra wide angle. Is this a factor? My current phone has plenty wide almost too wide anyhow.

I don’t need fancy flagship models but would pay up if necessary. My phones typically last many years, in fact the Z2 is the first to crap out in 3 years time.

Oh yeah must be CDMA


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