Motorola Moto G7 Power can’t migrate data to internal SD Card

Hi everyone! I have a Moto G7 Power with Android 10, I’m running out of storage so I bought a Micro SD fast enough to act as part of the internal storage (UHS-I U3, Class 30, A2), so I go to Settings-> Storage and then go to the SD card, touch storage settings, Format as Internal and it’s supposed to be done. I get a prompt to migrate the data to the SD card (attachment) and I touch the button but NOTHING happens, no matter how long I wait, nothing happens, no error, nothing, only option is to go back or touch "Move content later" but that’s useless. So I try to do it manually, I have TeamViewer and it allows the app to be moved to an SD card, same thing happens, I press "Move" but nothing happens, it’s driving me insane and I feel cheated. Has this happened to anyone? Thanks in advance 🙁
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