Moving to the dark side (Chrome book)

I am giving serious thought to replacing my aging (10+ y/o windows 7) desktop with a Chrome book. I am not a power user by any use of the term. I only have a desktop because at the time I needed a blu-ray burner. I don’t need that any more. I use google apps to keep most of my data online, google docs, photos, etc.etc.etc. I do have a few questions.
1. Can I cast to my chromecast with a chromebook, it would seem to make sense that it could cast.
2. Can I attach an external hard drive with mp4 movies stored on it to a Chromebook? I converted all my dvd and blu-ray movies to mp4 format and they are stored on my desktop hard drive.
3. I have a wifi capable printer will it work with a Chromebook?


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