Movo Money App Going Under? Users Money Gone?

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I am not sure why this is not being covered in the news, so I am posting it up on here to warn users.

Movo Money is an app in Google Play that is basically a prepaid debit card.

Thousands of users have suddenly had their accounts frozen (and all the money in it) starting in July with many excuses from the company. First system problems, then they were upgrading features, then there was some sort of massive user fraud. The company has been claiming that users (now after waiting weeks to get access to their money) can go through a web page to certify their identity and regain access. Problem is, no one has been able to get it to work, myself included.

This isn’t just a few users, it appears to be everyone. Their only recourse is to complain on the Apps Playstore feedback, which of course the rating has plunged. But Google doesn’t seem to care.

The company is doing a great job of covering up and making things sound like its all good and how it’s only affecting a few users, but something is terribly wrong and it is all users I believe.

A lot of people who don’t have bank accounts use this app and have their paycheck deposited and now have no recourse or way to get the money. Luckily for me, I only had a few dollars in my account.

I think the word needs to go out and something should be done. At very least, I hope this post keeps anyone else from getting tangled up in this mess.


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