MP3 Playlist Question…

Using the Manage Content function in the Wearables app, I transferred an album with tracks and a playlist over to the watch and I can view the album and tracks in the Library by Artists, Albums and Tracks – as I should be able to. However, the Playlist view in the Library seems to just list all the tracks, not the "playlist". The album plays in the proper order according to the playlist.

I transferred another album, with it’s playlist specifying the proper order, and again, the Playlist view in the Library just lists all tracks – no playlists. Interestingly, the title at the top of the Playlist view says "4 Playlists" – but they are nowhere to be found in the list below – only tracks. This second album does not play in the order specified in the playlist.

So there are two questions:

Anyone know how the watch handles playlists and why the Playlist view doesn’t list playlist files?

Also, why would one album play in the proper order (per playlist) and the second album doesn’t?

Thanks in advance!

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