My name is Paris and I’m a multi-phoner.

…and so it began. I, like many here, am a phone enthusiast. Last year, at this time I had 5 new phones and had every intention of keeping each. I had a Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, Fold², S20 Ultra, and iPhone 11PM. This year I have 2xFold³s, an iPhone 12 Mini, and an iPhone 12PM. I rationalize this as…

* Fold³s – are awesome but the battery life is not the greatest for a heavy user. They’ll get charged more often and so battery wear will be higher. If I switch back and forth between the two battery longevity should last a year without the battery on either getting below 90% total capacity left (makes sense to me). That plus insurance give me peace of mind to just use the phones as heavily as I like without worrying. They Fold³s are also beautifully Android with all the customability and flexibility thet that allows. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PHONES.

* iPhone 12 Mini – sacrificial lamb for hazardous or questionable environments that are dirty/muddy/dusty/wet. With a decent case she’ll take a licking but keep on ticking. Plus, she’s compact, if I want to carry a compact device. Battery life…err, um….about that….

* iPhone 12 Pro Max – Big tough booger with great cameras, a flat easily protected and gorgeous display and great battery life. Both iPhones allow me to benefit from iMessage and FaceTime with friends and family that all seem to have iPhones. She’s the Dark Knight of my stable.

I know most don’t carry multiple phones but many do. It’s not the most economical but phones have been a hobby of mine for years. Friends and family don’t get and that’s okay.

Which devices did you choose and why? Are you a multi-phone enthusiast?

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