Multiple “home screens” – how to get back to the FIRST of a series with Android 11?

Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL
I don’t know if my multiple "icon screens" are all called "home screens" or not. But under Android 10, if I was on, say the 4th screen and wanted to get back to the first one, my primary, I could touch the home button and it would take me back to that first screen.

Now I THINK there’s a swipe or gesture that can do it since on occasion when I’ve been at screen 3 or 4 and I swipe or hit something I do wind up back at the FIRST. But I’ve not managed to figure out what the needed gesture is. I also do this because from that first screen a swipe to the right brings up Google News headlines. And I liked that I could get there faster.



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