Multiple Launchers and Home Screen Customizations… A look into things…

So, I am going to TRY and not make this a really long post, sorry in advance if I fail at this…

Until the Fold 3, for the last, I have no idea now many phones and years, I have been running Nova Launcher (paid). I LOVE the customizability of this launcher as it has more features than I will ever use, but for me, there were a few key features that I LOVE and miss with the Fold 3. Now, I keep my home screens pretty minimal at most. I don’t like having a screen of icons and folders.

Now, this discussion will mainly focus on the Inner Screen but most applies to the outer screen as well.

My 2 favorite places to stuff icons for easy access is the Dock (at the bottom of the home screen) and a Side App Panel (see screenshots for context).

Now, with HomeUp, I can pretty much get the grids that I want and able to set up my home screen with the icons I love, but there is ONE feature that is missing from OneUI and tools that I REALLY wish they would implement. Oh, and Icon Packs in OneUI Suck. 🙁 Nova did such a better job of this too! 😛

If anyone knows a way without changing Launchers to do this, please share!!

Multiple Dog Screens. Nova Launcher made this easy, but OneUI does not allow this and I know that Samsung has done this in the past with previous iterations of their launchers.

Now, I have tried the whole trick on using Tasker and other tools (for which there are plenty of tutorials) to run Nova Launcher and others across these multiple screens. However, they are flakey and not as solid as it would be to have a launcher that works native with the Fold 3 and multiple screens.

Any ideas on how to get things going or are we just in a position to wait for Launcher Dev’s to get on the Fold Bandwagon?

Screenshot_20211007-104007_One UI Home.pngScreenshot_20211007-104012_One UI Home.png

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