My Huawei honor phone is stuck in system update mode and cannot start

I wanted to update the system on my Huawei honor phone and now it is stuck, I have no access to my data :'(:'(

1-If I press power and Vol down button, the fastboot and rescue mode appear and shows "Phone Locked".
2-If I connect to Hisuite through the FRM and try to recover using System Recovery, it shows "your device is not supported for system recovery"
3-If I press only power button I see (EMUI) and the following 3 options: Download latest version and recovery, Reboot, and Shutdown. If I choose first option, it connects to wifi and then loads and show: "Getting Package info from server" but then "Getting package info failed"….If I select Reboot it restarts 2 times automatically then brings me back to the same (EMUI) page with the 3 options.

Is there anyway to solve this? Is "Phone locked" in the FRM the problem? I have been researching for the past 5 days and the mobile repair shop that is nearby couldn’t do anything and told me it’s a lost case. I feel so stuck but I don’t want to give up yet . This thread is my last hope to solve this issue. Please help and thank you.

My phone is Huawei Honor 8 and it was working fine until I accidently tried to update the system…

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