My Huawei p20 lite is stuck on bootloop… How do I fix that?

Well, I was replacing a broken lcd screen. (This was not my first screen replacment. Fixing phones for friends and family it’s kind of a hobby of mine. )
I turned on the phone and it didn’t boot. I got erecovery screen. Tapped to download and update. It found wifi, but it couldn’t find necessary file on-line. So I started to google… And in the sea of useless advices I found something I could try. So I installed kirin on the device. Now download and update worked. The device went to reboot after the update and stuck on bootloop. It turnes on, show Huawei logo, and then vibrates shortly (like when you turn on the device). Then the screen goes black, after a while it shows logo, and then vibrates shortly, goes black and so on…
Now, I can still access erecovery and download and update, but it doesn’t help. I can also access fastboot.
Also, I have to mention that I’m not that good with software as I am with hardware. And also english isn’t my native language so be gentle about that…

So any ideas how to fix this?

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