My Nokia XR20

I love it. The only thing that’s haunting me is that I’ll need a new battery relatively soon. And I’ll have to delete all my data then. But this is the phone that grows with me. It’s intending to last 4 years or longer. The case and glass are "rugged" and it gets 3 years of OS updates, and 4 years of monthly security updates.

My previous phone was the Nokia 6.1 which my carrier killed for being 3G. Actually they sent me a very budget replacement Nokia for free, I just had to pay $10.00 for activation I guess. So, I was using that and and always annoyed by it’s slow processor, until I decided to get the xr20. Everything about this phone says reliability. So, it’s not a pretty phone, like the 6.1, it’s just steadfast and loyal. It’s not got top specs but seems to have what it needs.

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