My Note 20 Ultra upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
I used to upgrade my phones constantly. But after my wife passed away a few years back, I’m less motivated to do things. So I have been using a Note 8 since they first came out. No real issues with the Note 8, except the battery was a bit small, so needed charged a bit more often then I like.

1. I recall on the Note 8 a number of reviewers thought that the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone was horrible. Well guess what, the fingerprint read in the middle of the screen is much worse. I would love to have a good fingerprint reader in the back of the phone.

2. They took away the heart rate and oxygen saturation sensor. I never thought to check for that. Just assumed they would take out a feature like that, but they did. Not the end of the world, but annoying.

3. Of course they removed the headphone jack. So I need to get a couple of adapters for the USB C port. Annoying that they play ‘follow the leader’ to Apple like that. Luckily the SD card slot wasn’t removed.

4. If I press and hold the home button inadvertently, I get Google Assistant. I don’t want Google Assistant. I have not found a setting to change that annoyance. Luckily, there is no separate ‘Bixby’ button that I need to chisel off like the Note 8 had.

5. The pin to unlock the screen now must be variable length. I used to be able to quickly type the four digits and unlock. (or use the easy to access fingerprint reader on the back) Now I type my 4 digits, stare at it a moment, realize I need to hit enter also. An no, face unlock seldom works for me.

6. Yes, it looks like I will be getting much better battery life, which great.

7. The camera extra wide angle and zoom abilities are awesome. And the stabilization zoom out to x50 amazes me that it works so well. But I do wish they would improve the low light ability a bit more. Still, awesome.

So right now my biggest complaint is turning on an unlocking the phone. On the Note 8 I would simply pick it up with my finger on the fingerprint sensor, and boom, it was unlocked when I looked down at it. With the Note 20, I have to fiddle with things. The other things are just annoyances, like no headphone jack, I will find work arounds like adapters.


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