My phone gets black oftenly and has to be restarted

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser
Hello, i am still new to the forum. I use an Asus Zenfone 2 Laser.

My phone often lags,and i always had to restart it

I tried to search for the answers online. I tried to clear the cache, i moved all my files to my laptop, uninstall useless app.

I wouldn’t say it worked well. After a few weeks, my phone became worse. It always shutdown or restart itself. For example, when i used whatsapp video call,or installing a new app on play store,the phone started to shut down. If not, the phone went black,and i had to force shut down. When i turned it back on, my whatsapp kind of like just being reset. But after a while, i opened it again and it just couldn’t work. I tried other apps, and its all the same. They would not open,even my gallery.

So i reset my phone,and nothing changed. I only installed whatsapp at the moment. But resetting didn’t fix the problem. I gave up, i install other apps(only important apps) cause i still have an online learning. And it got worse.

Homestly,I can’t predict when exactly my phone will go black. It scares me.

I do have an option to update OS btw. Should i consider buying a new phone?

Thank you, looking forward for the answers soon:)


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