My Phone is Possessed – Random non-existent alarms / notification sounds in the morning


This is something that has been happening from the beginning of me getting this amazing phone and I wish I understood why this happens.

Basically… My S20 FE enjoys waking me up for no reason whatsoever alllll by itself. That’s right, no alarms or timers or anything else for that matter. What happens is this. Sometimes in the morning (before 8 AM), my phone will ring the default alarm clock sound despite there being no set alarm or timer. Nothing appears on the screen, I unlock my phone normally and the sound still plays. I can use the phone normally, and the alarm still plays. The only way to turn it off is by lowering the volume completely and forgetting about it until I wake up an hour or 2 later to find out it has stopped.

Today has been the first time the default alarm sound was replaced with the notification sound. Also couldn’t turn it off, also had to lower the volume so I could go back to sleep again. I don’t have any apps which would be able to do this. It doesn’t happen every day, it might happen once a week, once every 2 weeks. It seems random, but there must be something. I’ve looked at all the settings and there’s nothing that I can find.

The only alarms I have created but not on is 1 alarm at 8 AM and the other at 10:20 am. That’s all. Below I’ve uploaded a video from this morning demonstrating whatever is happening.

My phone is up to date and so are all of my apps. I couldn’t find anything online regarding this.

Please. Help. Me. My phone is possessed

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