My phone took screenshot then an ad will play

I tapped a suspicious link in discord, it is sent by a hacked account among the thousand of people in the server; I found it after I already tapped the link though, I didn’t know if my discord account logged in or not in the suspicious site but I think not because it gives qr code that I didn’t scan. The other members warned as and even notified everyone but then again I already tapped it so I got nervous and changed my accounts’ password it’s not after several hours that my phone started that screenshot thing that I became extremely nervous that I even searched in Google what should I do until I ended up downloading clario app… It works pretty well and after I used it, the screenshot thing does not appear more 10 minutes now I think. I’m still agitated though… I only have this phone and it is the only phone in my family and I mostly use it for school –learning purposes so I just wanted to ask if it happen again what should I do?

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