My phone won’t make or receive calls.

I own and LG v35, and being a not popular phone I figured I’d ask here as it will get more views.
A few days ago, I woke up and found my phone couldn’t make or receive calls. I open the default dialer, phone the number but the call isn’t made, it just sits on the dialing stage.
And when people call me, it goes straight to my voicemail.
I am though able to make calls through Duo and Skype.
The things I’ve done so far:

1. Reset my Network settings
2. Reset my APN and verified the settings through Telus
3. Cleaned the SIM card
4. Tried other dialers
5. Booted into Safe Mode to attempt a call

But nothing has worked, so I’m hoping someone here with the knowledge can shed some light on this problem.


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