my samsung keyboard on s21 hasn’t been switching theme

i’ve had this phone since july and i always make it so at 5am light mode turns on and at 4:45pm dark mode turns on. it’s been working fine but for the last two days only the keyboard hasn’t been switching to light mode. the only way to fix it is to restart my phone which is annoying. it switches to dark mode just fine. i use the samsung keyboard and not the google one. not only does it not switch automatically, it won’t let me change the theme at all. in the menu of the settings it says it is in light mode (when it isn’t), but in the choose the theme menu it says it’s in dark mode. i reset my settings on the keyboard. how should i go about fixing this? the only things that have changed are that i connected it to my windows laptop (i disconnect it when not in use) and i stopped using do not disturb.

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