N10+ weird wifi issues,need advice

So I have weird wifi issues at one specific place in the center of the city twice this time.
So there is one place in city,where there are lots ofi wifi networks but all of them have weak signal.
So I turned ON the phone and WiFi and it didn’t find nor any single network,I turned off wifi on again nothing (pic. 1)
Here is the picture of that issue.
I also can not find what model of wifi card is in my phone,to check if it was replaced,so I’m suspicious about that.
Btw I don’t have any wifi issues when I am on local coffee shops/bars nor at home.
Just at places where like wifi signal is weak and like there are many networks at that place.
So what is this issue about?
What is causing the phone that acts like this?
p.s. I’m suspicious that wifi chip has been replaced or something was changed on the phone though no issues at home/local bars etc…
Just outdoors in places where there is weak wifi signal and many networks.

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