Narrowed my decision down to 2

Well I’ve narrowed my decision on a new phone down to 2.the galaxy s21 ultra, and the Sony Xperia 1iii. Waiting for comments on the Sony to come out. If they’re good, I may go with the Xperia for 1 reason. The sd card slot. That’s a big plus especially where I use all mac computers at home and using ANDROID FILE TRANSFER is touch and go. I wasn’t happy that Sammy took away the 3.5mm jack either. But I can live without it even though it forces me to carry around a separate DAP. I was going to go for the ZTE axon 30 ultra, but it only has one 5g band (n41), and not sure it’s future proof enough. I’m currently using a ZTE axon 10 pro and it’s been incredible. Fast, beautiful amoled screen, sd expansion, 3.5mm jack, but the cameras are just good, not great. We’ll see what happens.

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