Need assistance on Samsung tablet model names

Usually I’m pretty good and knowing which tablet variant is the high end and which are the low end, but with Samsung tablets, I’m not sure which are high/low end and can only tell based on the price tag, which I dont want to do.

So here’s my story and question.

My older son has been using the Amazon Fire HD tablet for years. He’s gone through several of them because they either break or they run like crap after being used for so long. Sometimes I’ll reset the tablets back to factory state, but then I have to root it so I can get Google Play installed on it and it’s just a huge hassle to get everything back the way it was before the reset.

Now to my question with the Samsung tablets. I really want to get a much better tablet for him, but something that’s in the middle. Nothing too high because I know the tablet will be abused, but also not low because I want to last longer than the Fire HD.

Other than basing it off of price, curious based on the naming convention, which Samsung tablets are high end, middle end, and low end?

Thanks for your help.

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