Need Charging Stand Wireless Tilting for S21 Ultra

I do business phone conferences and often have to share documents on my laptop with other callers. The documents are on my laptop. So one of my clients suggested that I get a phone stand, go on Google Duo and turn the phone towards the screen. I think that might be awkward since the keyboard part of the screen would make you have to come in at an angle.

I wonder if there’s a simpler way to do this with zoom and be able to bring in documents that are already on the same laptop that the zoom meeting is on. If that won’t work, are there any phone stands that also do quick charging, can swivel etc. I can’t see how you can do wireless quick charging when you have to be able to swivel the phone possibly raising tilt the phone. So maybe the only to do is plug your phone in with a wire and put it on a stand that can raise and swivel because if it’s in a fixed position it might not be able to see the document on the screen as it’s usually facing up. Of course the keyboard part of the laptop has a fairly large area maybe 6 in where I could put the stand and face it at the screen in the angle wouldn’t be as bad as leaving it on the desk. This has to be something that lots of people do and maybe there’s another program other than Zoom that can do it all I don’t know. However I really do like the idea of Zoom best because if I’m talking to an attorney and his client or even a judge and two attorneys and two clients want to zoom conference, all I need is the laptop.

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