Need help changing the volume for 2 seperate apps on Galaxy Tab A7

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and I need help figuring out how to change the volume for 2 seperate apps playing at the same time.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S20+ and used to be able to use Samsung SoundAssistant which allowed me to adjust the volume for whatever apps I had on at the same time. One of the newest updates incorporated SoundAssistant into the volume buttons so every time you turned the volume up or down you just click the volume tab tbat pops up and adjust the volume for each app instead of having a seperate app to do it.

I want to find out how to do the same thing on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.
NO, I don’t want to go to settings ➡️ sound ➡️ sepperate app sound. That will NOT help me. All that does is play the sound on 2 different devices. I do NOT want that. I want the sound from 2 apps playing on my Galaxy Tab A7 and I want to turn one apps volume down while the other app is up and loud. I hope this makes sense.

Any help on this would be appreciated

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