Need help finding acase for my Moto one 5G ace

Hi everyone: I am having trouble finding a certain kind of case that allows me to stand my Moto one 5G ace vertically and horizontally.

I bought this case off of Amazon but the buttons do not match. I have seen a few cases here and ther but none of them have a kickstand. I really need it to have a kickstand like this one form Amazon that I am returning:…cUvbUpU6925273

Do you guys have any suggestions where I can find one like that?

If I cant find one, I was thinking of getting one of these kickstands that I would have to glue onto the case.…cUvbUpU6925273

I would just have to find a case that is slick and not have a rough texture to stick it on.

I would really prefer to have a case that has it all built in. I had the same kind of case for the G7 power that I had and it was great.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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