Need help with an Zenfone 5 ZC600KL X017DA flashing

Hello all

i have a phone that is stuck on Asus logo when turning on and will not go any further i have tried the traditional powe plus volume buttons to try access the usual factory reset options but no options all that will appear on the screen is CSC fastboot Mode !!! long press power key to shutdown device

so i went ahead and downloaded firmwares and did a little research apparrantly i should be able to flash over the firmware using mimimul ADB Fastboot but when following the instructions given i get the result write protected

the last one i believe was meant to be used with Qfil /QPST

i am kinda stuck here and would appreciate any help possible with instructions that are easy to follow (( apart from throwing it out the window ))

PS i would put details on here but seems this site flagged my first attempt as spam when showing a readout of the fastboot info and listing the firmwares

many thanks

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