Need help with Live Transcribe

I understand Live Transcribe is designed for the hearing impaired so they can see speech written. But it can also be used for transcription of audio lecture files. However, although LT does a brilliant job in transcription it is not user friendly for recording transcribed text.

I have been able to use the copy option to save the typed transcription but have then had trouble turning that into a text file. My goal is to transfer the text file to my computer. I am familiar with using my computer for handling text files but never before needed to use my Android phone for this purpose. I tried Google Docs but when I named a new file the system made a mess of it and I lost the transcription.

I have an Android emulator (KOPLAYER) on my Win 10 Computer and have installed Live Transcribe on that, but I need to be able to play my audio recording on the emulator and that becomes another problem because it cannot access the files on my hard-drive.

If anyone has mastered Live Transcribe I would be grateful for any assistance.

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